FHU soccer team volunteers time running soccer clinic
"Coach Elliott has conducted the Middleton soccer clinic the past several years"

FHU soccer team volunteers time running soccer clinic

Mon, Oct. 26, 2015 - [Soccer]

By Abby Besson, FHU Athletics Contributor

MIDDLETON, Tenn. - As he has done the past several years, FHU soccer coach Jason Elliott recently loaded up 15 of his freshmen soccer players to take a short trip to Middleton, Tennessee, to lend their soccer expertise to a group of kids at a free soccer clinic.

The FHU soccer team has helped run the clinic the past several years, which welcomes soccer players from ages 4 to 17, and serves as a kickoff for the Middleton soccer league season. 

This year, the clinic was conducted on Saturday, September 12 from 9:00 AM to noon.  Those attending the clinic ran drills, went over basic soccer conditioning, and played games.

The Middleton attendees received one-on-one instruction on the basics of the game. Additionally, the goalies attending the clinic were able to get individual attention from other goalies helping run the clinic.  

Nina Carolissen, a freshman midfielder from Bellville, South Africa, was one of the 15 players who traveled with the team to the clinic, and said they provided the attendees with practical instruction on playing the game of soccer.

“We incorporated drills to help better their touch on the ball and their shooting skills,” Carolissen said.  “They were then expected to take what we had just taught them and use it in a game situation.”

Carolissen said traveling to the clinic helped the FHU players learn the importance of giving their time to serve others.

“The kids were extremely energetic and eager to learn new skills, which made coaching them so much fun,” she said.  “Those kids left the clinic with a smile on their faces and were extremely grateful to us for being there. As a group, we enjoyed every second of it.”

Head Coach Jason Elliott said the coaches and players who assist with the clinic always enjoy the feeling of helping others learn the game of soccer.

“We emphasize trying your best while having a great attitude,” Elliott said.  “We always learn how fun it is to help out.” 

Robert Browder, head of the Middleton youth soccer league, said he enjoyed getting to talk with Coach Elliott and getting to know the young men and ladies that were there to help run the clinic.

“Jason and his players always do a tremendous job for us,” Browder said. “We always enjoy meeting the ever-changing group of players. They are always polite, and seem to genuinely enjoy the sport. Freed-Hardeman is really well represented.”

 “It is soccer at its finest level,” Elliott said.  “Throw a ball out and have fun.”