Humphry promotes Champions of Character in summer camps

Humphry promotes Champions of Character in summer camps

Mon, Oct. 20, 2014 - [Volleyball]

HENDERSON, Tenn. - Integrity.  Respect.  Responsibility.  Sportsmanship.  Servant leadership.

The five core values of the NAIA Champions of Character initiative are characteristics that FHU volleyball head coach Todd Humphry expects his own team to show everyday.  This summer, he had the opportunity to challenge other volleyball teams to do the same.  

Humphry directed high school volleyball camps at St. Benedict Academy in Memphis, Alcorn Central High School in Corinth, Miss., and FHU, helping the players learn skills that they can use both on and off the court.

“Anytime I can talk about Champions of Character, I will,” Humphry said.  “It’s important to teach them at that age to behave like young ladies.”

Seventh through twelfth grade players attended the camps and worked on the game with Humphry.  At the end of camp, each girl received a pocket-sized red laminated card that listed the five Champions of Character core values.  Humphry encouraged them to keep the cards and refer to them throughout the season.

The list on the card reminds the girls that they are Christians first and volleyball players second.  

“In games, it’s easy for your true colors to come out.  It’s important to learn how to handle yourself in public and maybe not let your temper or your true feelings show,” Humphry said.  “They need to learn how to act not only as an individual, but as a player and a teammate.”

Coach Humphry also emphasized to the campers how important it was to be a good example to fans and younger players, just like he stresses to his own team.

“We had a wide range of ages at the camps, from seventh grade to seniors in high school, and the younger ones look up to the older campers, just like young fans and players look up to the girls on my team,” Humphry said.

The Champions of Character initiative doesn’t just benefit the volleyball players that Humphry coaches.  He says that talking to groups about being a Champion is just as beneficial for him as a coach as it is for the players.

“As a coach, I have to work on being a Champion of Character just like the rest of them,” he said.  “It reinforces what I believe.”